About Project ECOGALA

What is project Ecogala?

It is a website, where clients and newcomers can get information about Greenway products and opportunities, read news and find partners in their own cities.


The purpose of project is to give answers on clients' and newcomers' questions, to connect leaders and partners with their networks and clients.


Why does this work?

The search engines do read our website and show its pages when user asks something. Placing unique and quality texts here Ecogala's members make their offers and information visible for the Internet users.

When user comes to author's page or publication this makes the contact that you need in your business.


What to do?

Register ecogala.ru. You can fill your region, city, telephone and other contacts, referral link.

Publish blogs about Greenway products and business. Every blog post contains your contacts and links. People will contact you or will buy products clicking on the links to Greenway store.

Please, publish your own unique texts. This is important for search engine optimization.


How much does it cost?

Two main services: members' pages and blogs are free.




Do you need support?

Contact ecogala.pro admin.

Instagram: @ecogala